Breaking news - a new Tingle Tree Higher Education partnership!

By Duncan Troup on Saturday, September 16th, 2017 in Research Partnerships, The Crowd, Workforce Planning.

Today i fulfilled a long held dream of mine – that being delivering a lecture to Masters students.  Tingle Tree already has a research collaboration with The University of Southern Queensland and this week we formed a collaboration with RMIT’s Master of Business and IT program.

So how did i fare?

Hopefully OK!! The topic was Knowledge Management and my role was to shed some light on the use of knowledge in real life situations and how, as an executive, i felt it was an important consideration for high performing organisations.

First up we discussed knowledge for protection. For me that meant how knowledge protects organisations from catastrophic changes in circumstances that needed to be responded to. When an exec at Medibank we had a well form Business Continuity Plan and Technology Disaster Recovery plan and a key pillar of this was managing the knowledge required to execute these plans given we did not know when or where the event would strike and which resources would be around to execute the response.

Next up was a session on Knowledge for profit – something that ties in well with The Tingle Tree Group where we constantly need to evolve our IP to create value for our clients.

Last up was a session on the democratisation of information and how online communities are an increasingly common model for harvesting knowledge socially. This was all wrapped up with a small group exercise on the Knowledge Management Strategy for Tingle Tree – so i walked away with some bright ideas!

All in all it was a great experience to see the young minds of Australia in action and i am very proud to have returned something back to the education sector. One which i owe a lot of my success over the years through study here and in the UK.

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